Design by Katie Keeble

Katie Keeble choreographer

I am a performer and choreographer, and throughout my career as a dance artist I have been fortunate to work on a number of diverse projects. My interest is in the process that takes place between people from different artistic disciplines creating new work together. Working with space as a tool is a fascinating project for me and a springboard for the endless possibilities and directions we can take, focussing on the relationships that occur through movement between and in and around bodies in space. I love to absorb myself in the ‘finding out’ part of a project, and become engrossed in the discussions between collaborators so that when we find ourselves in the studio we have a lot to draw from…

Yuko Odiara architect

I am now in training to become an architect. Initially I became interested in architecture through theatre productions I was involved in Tokyo. Through designing stage sets, I got into materialisation of atmosphere… also simply the joy of creating something with others was stimulating. After studying architecture for 5 years, in addition to my previous interest, I find relationship between people and spatial condition, both at physical and psychological level, very curious. As an architect I became bit nerdy about drawing as well… I find the idea of notating something difficult to document a good challenge.

Eugene McCloskey composer

I have always enjoyed using a wide range of influences and styles in my music, whether recorded, live or improvised. These days I’m using software more and more but I try to keep some elements of acoustic sound in most of my soundwork/composing, to a greater or lesser degree. I have always been on the edge of genres so I see digital sound sequencing and manipulation as another valuable aspect to be assimilated into my working practice. I am interested in being brave enough to not exclude any influences on the creative process, and excited by including as many as possible, whilst sustaining integrity.


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