(Finding) a Stage; individual ideas turning and churning via collaboration

1st theoretical investigations;

examples of what could be called, or involve, a stage; a church, a rock stadium concert, an empty rock stadium, a political rally, a cabaret club. Each of these provides a dramatic environment and potentially interesting soundscapes. I experimented with some sound samples and found the mixing of these environmental sounds over each other or after each other enhanced the concentration on each.

Katie, Eugene and Yuko in discussion                        

From our three way discussion/workshop;

we analysed what is a stage,

a controlled space?

does it need an audience to be a stage?

a platform, a door, a focal point?

real? ritualised, formalised, conventualised.

speakers corner, street performer, corner-shop.

early improvising

Collective A, during a workshop improvisation

material for discussion

notes and material for discussion

Some conclusions to go forward with:

For us to (Find) a stage we decided we need a location and a narrative.

So the next challenge for CollectiveA is to establish three separate pairs of location and narrative to throw into the next chapter of churning and turning collaboration!


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