CollectiveA_(Finding a) Stage_Initial Research_real fiction

A linear space lit in the dark

Effect of light and shadows on a tree

Defining stage as a place bounded both in space and time, I have sought for such space in the mundane daily context. By inserting performance(fiction) on this stage, it aims to make the audience engage with their daily environment in a different way.

A quick test to see how to intensify the effect of spot light

By observing the spatial characteristic of conventional stage as a spot of engagement lit by lights in the dark, I started to make connection to the street light in the evening city as a possible condition in the city which can stage a fictional performance.

The dramatic effect of city lights at night was observed and documented by surrealist in ??s Paris. The photography captures a real scene from the city but exaggerates its (dramatic)fictional spatiality, providing a different perspective to the city we dwell in.

photo by Brassai

photo by Andrei Kertesz

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