Choosing a theme by lottery organised between us to be the most equitable! Now we have our theme we continue to work with ideas that have evolved around it….. very interesting approaches appearing. Here are my sketches from the theme (Finding a) Stage

Photos Ellie Keeble

Here is a selection of photos where I am asking the question if a ‘found space’ in these cases public space are transformed into a stage simply by placing a performer inside it?

I was intrigued by the idea of (Finding a) as something that is becoming, an activity of searching, with the sense of being unfinished, in process. A still photograph was the best way to show the ‘before and after’ the act of finding and there is also the intention of a live performance that is in sketch form, unfinished and developing live in response to the space I am in.

I like the concept of questioning ‘what is a stage?’ – is it a constructed space to house performances? a dedicated area? marked out on the ground? place where audiences gather around? Is the audience’s presence an integral part of why we call a space a stage?

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