Collaborative Creation

Here are some examples of collaborative creative projects that might help our work.

Example 1: An Experiment in Collaboration

6 artists were invited to choose a partner to collaborate. Diagram below shows the general idea of each of the collaboration.

The process of the collaboration is documented as a blog:

This project is very similar to CollectiveA in a sense that they are interested in collaboration itself. The blog is full of questions and thoughts from each of the participants.


Example 2: Beyond Entropy

A theme based collaboration on the topic of Energy. Collaborators were chosen by the coordinator. Each group consisted of three professionals: architect, artist and scientist.


Example 3: Full-Moon Theatre

This interdisciplinary project by Ateliers de Gourgoubes, 1987 – 1993. Ateliers de Gourgoubes is a research body led by theatre director Humbert Camelo. Its members include physicist, artist, musician, writer, choreaographer, dancer, film director, television producer and engineer. This was a site specific collaboration in order to create a theatre purely lit by moonlight. The processionals came together to commit their expertise to achieve one very specific goal.

p 151, An Engineer Imagines, by Peter Rice (Artemis, 1994; Ellipsis, 1996)


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